Sally's Back
Meet the Band


Live Action @ Rockfest '03

Sally's Back is...
Dave Hayward - Vocals/Guitar
Nick Fraser - Lead Guitar        
Simon DesRoberts - Bass/BGV's 
Andrew Hayward - Drums/BGV's
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The official P.U.S.H poster (I can't believe we ever sunk this low!)

A Brief History of the Band:
Well, we're all pretty much Salvation Army kids.  So, we had met each other at various times throughout our childhoods.   We met back up at Lac L'Achigan Camp in the summer of 2001 where we played together as the worship band.  Good memories of great times...
Things were going well and we decided to keep the band going for the rest of the year, we called ourselves "P.U.S.H" (yes, it is a complete rip-off of the those bracelets.)  Soon, we decided that a band would be a great way to reach out to non-christians, so we started writing our original punk stuff.  We also changed our name to C.P.R (Christian Punk Rockers), which is officially the cheesiest name...EVER!
In the summer of 2002, after a few gigs, we met up again to work at camp and practiced a few times over the course of the season.  In the end, we got tired of all the acronym names and called ourselves "Sally's Back"  (This is a sign of revival hapenning in the Salvation Army in Canada and we're the first Sally Ann band in a long time).

Why Does Sally's Back Exist?
Sally's Back is a few musicians looking to bring honor and glory to God through the talents that he gave them.  It's purpose is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to teens and young adults across Quebec and Ontario through rockin' music.  Looking to praise God in a new and fresh way?  Why not check out a show?

3/4 of the band chillin' after a jam session at camp