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Sally's Back


Dewey - Drums

50 Questions

1. Name: Andrew Hayward

2. Middle Name: Fraser

3. Nick names: Dewey, Drew

4. Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec

5. Instrument played in the band: Drums and selected percussion

6. Equipment used: Anyone's drums that I can get my hands on.

7. Siblings: Dave, April and Darryl

8. What's your biggest fear? Leprechauns

9. Most disgusting thing you've ever eaten: Cat food

10: Dream vacation destination: Austria

11: Favourite Sally's Back song: Plight

12: Favourite show played: All those J.E.F times were the best!

13: Most unusual concert experience: Being engulfed by smoke at the Mid-Winter Music Fest

14: Relational status: Surprisingly single

15. Educational status: Student, grade 10

16: Aspirations: To not end up being a moron

17. Home church: South Shore Community Church

18: Favourite quote: "What consumes your thoughts controls your mind" - Scott Stapp

19: Funniest childhood memory: Watching the dog pull my brother's pants down

20: Favourite guitar of all time: PRS artist custom model

21: Favourite Bible verse: Psalm 28:7

22: Favourite band: Creed

23: Favourite guitar you own: Definitely the Les Paul Standard

24: Favourite store: l'Aubainerie (They have amazing stuff!)

25: Favourite restaurant: Subway

26: Best friend: John, Jay, or Mark (They're all super good guys)

27: Furthest you've ever been from home: Florida

28: Favourite thing to do in spare time: Widdle

29: Favourite band activity: The Subway trip before every show!

30: Favourite local band: Martyr (love you guys!)

31: Favourite famous Christian band: Jars of Clay
32: Favourite guest artist that we've played with: Steve C. for sure

33: Favourite band to play with: Exit 55

34: Most embarrassing moment: Letting one go while we were playing a j.e.f. concert...  It completely engulfed the room...

35: Favourite inside joke: Flip-Flop! hahahaha!!!!!

36: Boxers or Briefs? Boxer Briefs (They provide the freedom of boxers, but the support of a brief.)

37: Worst haircut ever: Buzzzzz

38: What members of the band have you seen naked? Dave (Well...he's my brother!) and Nick (way too many times)

39: Star Wars name:  Hayan Pimon

40: Favourite Star Wars film: Return of the Jedi

41: Truth or Dare? Truth

42: Weirdest sleeping habit: I sometimes wake up with no feeling in my arm.

43: Favourite article of clothing: That crazy Adidas shirt.

44: Favourite Ninja turtle: Raphael.

45: What's the most annoying thing about Dave? The hair cut.

46: What's the most annoying think about Nick? That stench he always leaves behind.

47: What's the most annoying thing about Simon? He walks really slow sometimes.

48: What's the most annoying thing about Dewey? That sparkle in his eye gets irritating.

49: Chicken or Fish? Definitely Chicken.

50: Do you want fries with that? No thanks.