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Sally's Back


Nick Fraser - Lead Guitars

50 Random Facts About Nick

1. Name: Nicholas J. Fraser

2. Middle Name: James

3. Nick names: Nork, Poindexter, Nurse Nick...etc...

4. Birthplace: Inuvik, N.W.T.

5. Instrument played in the band: Guitar

6. Equipment used: Josie (Epiphone Les Paul Standard), 1973 Hayman 30-30, Korg ToneWorks AX-1500G...

7.Siblings: 1- Matt

8. What's your biggest fear? Heights

9. Most disgusting thing you've ever eaten: The Iron Gut crap at Winter Weekend

10: Dream vacation destination: Hmm...SCUBA=cool...cold=not cool (unless its ice cream)...

11: Favourite Sally's Back song: Don't really have a favourite: they are all fun to play for different reasons...Plight, Whole, State...and even Callous!

12: Favourite show played: ROCKFEST  02, 03,  The 1st Annual Pre-Spring Thing

13: Most unusual concert experience: Busting my knee 30s before our set when we played with Exit 55 and Narrow Gate

14: Relational status: quite single...

15. Educational status: 1st year Ottawa U Nursing student

16: Aspirations: Nurse in Emerg or ICU 

17. Home church: St. Mary's, Russell, Ontario

18: Favourite quote: "The Jesus you see is the Christian you will become...", from YC Ontario East, 2002

19: Funniest childhood memory: Hm...swallowing a magnet, i think.

20: Favourite guitar of all time: all time? A Karol....

21: Favourite Bible verse: there are lots, 2 Cor. 5:7 is but one. 

22: Favourite band: got lots: TFK, MMW, Insyderz, Soulive, etc

23: Favourite guitar you own: Josie (she's sings so nicely!)

24: Favourite store: Steve's Music, Retrotown, Lauzon, Wal-Mart,  

25: Favourite restaurant: Subway

26: Best friend: The guys in the band, all my nursing buddies, Jade P (you know I luv ya!)

27: Furthest you've ever been from home: BC 

28: Favourite thing to do in spare time: Play guitar

29: Favourite band activity: practicing, PLAYING, eating at Subway, having a Veg Seg (bring food no mercy)

30: Favourite local band: Exit 55,

31: Favourite famous Christian band: Insyderz, TFK

32: Favourite guest artist that we've played with: Exit 55, Bailey's Car 

33: Favourite band to play with: Exit 55

34: Most embarrassing moment: Antoine whipping open the door of the bathroom in Boy Staff at camp while being completely and UTTERLY ... 

35: Favourite inside joke: No Dzigs, dewey's  wolverine bum...LEFT SIDE! FLIP FLOP....

36: Boxers or Briefs? Boxer 

37: Worst haircut ever: The Number 2 head shave: makes my head look like a potato

38: What members of the band have you seen ? Umm...unfortuately, after living with these guys for two months at a time...ALL OF THEM...props to Dewey's peach fuzz!! 

39: Star Wars name: Frani Beinu

40. Favorite Star Wars Film: Episode 4: A New Hope

41: Truth or Dare? Dare

42: Weirdest sleeping habit: snoring and choking myself and not remembering a thing

43: Favourite article of clothing: sweaters

44: Favourite Ninja turtle: Leo, Donatello...

45: What's the most annoying thing about Dave?: The stench...

46: What's the most annoying think about Nick? he just a retard thinking before speaking makes for some very retarded things!!!!

47: What's the most annoying thing about Simon: nothing super annoying...he seems to be the cool-headed wise man sometimes....but that's not annoying...all the time...

48: What's the most annoying thing about Dewey? playing random drums while trying to figure out a song...

49: Chicken or Fish? Chicken..

50: Do you want fires with that? fires? i like fires...but not with my, with my chicken, i prefer fries...