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Sally's Back


Simon - Bass

50 Random Facts About Simon 
1. Name: Simon DesRoberts
2. Middle Name: Olivier
3. Nicknames: Somebobs, moukmouk
4. Birthplace: Sherbrooke
5. Instrument played in the band: bass guitar
6. Equipment used: Fender precision mexican, 30 year-old traynor tube bass amp
7. Siblings: 4 sisters, 1 brother
8. What's your biggest fear? to see nick naked.. (i've already experienced that)
9. Most disgusting thing you've ever eaten: trevor's meat balls
10: Dream vacation destination: san francisco!! or australia
11: Favourite Sally's Back song: shoot it off is the funniest on bass, i like all of them though!
12: Favourite show played: wow, there are so many! let me think...  rockfest 2002!
13: Most unusual concert experience: playing at rockfest 2002 in mtl without any ride home..  i live in katevale!!!
14: Relational status: i had a girlfriend once.. my only mistake was to not tell her... it cost me a slap in the face.  i'm single since that time..
15. Educational status: second year in electronic at college de sherbrooke
16: Aspirations: to never give up music... i dont know what to do of my life beside that... i hope God will use me in His church
17. Home church: salvation army sherbrooke
18: Favourite quote: liberty isnt only yogourt
19: Funniest childhood memory: the first music camp i've been to with dave and dewey 
20: Favourite guitar of all time:  i love any guitar that cost over 8000$  
21: Favourite Bible verse: romans 8: 37-39 or 27-29... (the 3 last verses)
22: Favourite band: the O.C. Supertones
23: Favourite guitar you own: my fender!
24: Favourite store: CLC
25: Favourite restaurant: Subway!
26: Best friend: besides all the guys from the band: Andrew Nortcliffe
27: Furthest you've ever been from home: Florida..
28: Favourite thing to do in spare time: sleep
29: Favourite band activity: writing songs... doing shows.. eating at subway...

30: Favourite local band: exit 55, they rock!

31: Favourite famous Christian band: still the O.C. supertones
32: Favourite guest artist that we've played with: Alfi the dog
33: Favourite band to play with: EXit 55 when i'm on security and Terry breaks his guitar strap...
34: Most embarrassing moment: the ''pressin' on'' note at our very first concert..  
35: Favourite inside joke: left side! Vhere's the Vhipped  Kream! chips devotion..
36: Boxers or Briefs? boxers
37: Worst haircut ever: all on the side
38: What members of the band have you seen naked? man, people will think we have weird habits if i say i've seen all of them...   
39: Star Wars name: Dessi Lashe 
40: Favourite Star Wars film: episode 1.. haven't seen the others 
41: Truth or Dare? dare
42: Weirdest sleeping habit:  i listen to hard rock to fall asleep
43: Favourite article of clothing:  my S2S shirt, all my winter and ski gear
44: Favourite Ninja turtle: i wasnt allowed to watch the ninja turtles when i was young... but now .. michaelangelo
45: What's the most annoying thing about Dave? he cant make up his mind for a show , well sometimes..
46: What's the most annoying think about Nick? He's just gross... i guess that's a boystaff requirement..
47: What's the most annoying thing about Simon? i'm french
48: What's the most annoying thing about Dewey? can't stop playing when we're trying to make a songlist
49: Chicken or Fish? chicken!!!
50: Do you want fries with that? yes, please with a mayonnaise and bbq sauce mixed
Simon at camp 2 years ago